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My sessions with Jini have helped me grow emotionally and spiritually which has impacted my mental and physical health. Through my healings I gained clarity on my life's purpose, experience and memories that are triggering and challenging, and ways to move through them that help me reach my full potential”. E.L.

“This work is different than other types of body work. You don’t feel it just with your senses. You experience it with your whole body"”. J.B.

“Jini's energy work helped me to heal from a stubborn sinus infection. Her help is well worth the time and investment”t! L.V.

“Many people didn't believe me when I told them I was doing energy work and thought it was a joke. But, after 2+ years of healing with Jini, my friends and family members have seen a change in my daily routine and activities. They have noticed my compassion that I express in challenging situations, the fearlessness I now have in asking for what I want, especially if it is help, and that I have experienced stronger overall health. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to heal with Jini, I wish I didn't wait so long to actually begin this journey with her”. M.L.

“Jini is honest, direct, and respectful; three traits many providers I've encountered have yet to develop in full. Jini's one of the few health providers that I've instantly connected with and built a relationship of mutual trust and respect. She is thoughtful, compassionate, and listens to what my needs and concerns are and works with me to meet them”. E G.

“My first several sessions I did not know what to expect. Jini was thorough in sharing what could happen and was respectful of any boundaries that I had shared with her regarding touch. I experienced relaxation and calm that is often difficult to have in busy NYC. It was an experience that I realized I needed and missed having. Working with Jini has been an amazing gift that I've given to myself”. K.P.

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