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I’ve been making art from a very young age. I had two passions in life, art and science. When I went to college in the 60’s, I had some training in Visual Art, but my politicization led me to pursue a profession that, at the time, seemed would have a bigger impact on the health and well-being of a greater number of people. I became a Physician Assistant, thinking it was a more effective role through which to effect change. I was deeply involved with and affected by the Anti-war (Vietnam) and Feminist movements.  My work in healthcare consumed much of my life, but I continued to make art and show my work whenever and wherever possible.  I now see art and artists as potent instruments of change.

Over time, becoming disenchanted with the allopathic medical establishment, I chose to become an energy healer. Being a healer has increasingly informed my approach to life and art. It has enabled me to develop as an artist, and bring more of my whole self, more meaning to my art making. My art is an expression of my personal, political, emotional and spiritual journey.

My work is grounded in family tradition. My grandmother designed and sewed all our fancy clothes for special occasions and both my grandfathers were involved in the garment and embroidery business. I combine multiple techniques – gluing, sewing, embroidery, painting, collage and constructing, and a wide variety of materials – found objects, discarded household items, fabric, thread, ribbon, paper, glitter and just about anything I can get my hands on. 

I attempt to put them together in a way that elevates them from the ordinary to the extraordinary. I try to evoke a sense of fantasy, mystery and otherworldliness. The work is infused with a positive energy and is meant to take the viewer from ordinary reality into a larger realm of mystery and wonder.

Scroll down and turn on audio button in R hand corner to watch video of    May I Feel Your Love Now  

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